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Puppiness is a farm dog with a heart of gold and a love for singing. Join him on a colourful adventure around the farm as he helps the farmer with her daily tasks and learns the names of all the animals who call the farm their home. With each verse of his songs, Puppiness will help you memorize the names of the males, females, and children of the animals as well as the name of their habitats on the farm.


This heart-warming children's book is sure to delight young readers and parents alike, teaching an important lessons about the value of caring for others and teamwork.

With beautiful and engaging illustrations, Puppiness and the Farmer: a sing-along adventure on a Farm is the perfect book to share with your little ones at bedtime, Storytime and can be enjoyed as an activity book.


Sing along using the finger family melody.


Puppiness and the farmer: the sing along adventure on a Farmer

SKU: 9780639780931
27 June 2023
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