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Welcome to Viola Baxter Kids, where we aim to make complex scientific information accessible to children in a fun and engaging way. Our children's books cover a variety of topics, but we mainly focus on STEM subjects, that can inspire and encourage kids to explore the world around them.

We have designed them to be simple enough for kids to enjoy, while also intriguing for parents and educators. We believe that learning should be a fun and exciting experience, and our books reflect that philosophy.

We also offer collections of low to medium content books for the whole family, from notebooks, specialized journals, activity books as well as colouring books .

In addition, we have a wonderful blog that supports our mission to bring you up to date information about child care, children development and parenting overall.


Lastly, in 2023 we partnered with Ashbil Irfan Animation to bring you illustration and animation services for publishing your own children's books.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope you enjoy exploring our collection of children's books.

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